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Our AppsMap shows you the apps we use to run our business. We’ve chosen leading industry apps that blend seemlessly together.

Our AppsMap shows you the apps we use to run our business. We’ve chosen leading industry apps that blend seemlessly together.

Each business requires different apps. We can design, convert and train you with an App Stack that will transform your business and make it fit for this digital age. If you choose to use our Outsourced Finance Team we can also integrate your finance processes with our systems so that we can operate real-time behind the scenes, keeping you compliant and up to date.

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Cloud Accounting Software

Xero is a market leader in cloud accounting software, particularly for people who want automation. Its our core bookkeeping software and, as we’re certified Xero Partners and Advisors, we can help you get started.

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Xero Payroll

Cloud Payroll Software

Xero Payroll makes managing staff stress free. Employers can manage leave, pay staff, including all taxes, and file reports to HMRC.

Staff can log into their Xero employee portal on any device to submit leave, their timesheets or view their payslips.


Data Collection


Never lose paper receipts or invoices again. With Dext's receipt scanning software, conveniently snap, scan and upload

Dext Prepare integrates directly with Xero to create an end-to-end bookkeeping solution.

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Approve Payments


ApprovalMax is an approval app that extends Xero with powerful approval automation features for accounts payable and accounts receivable. This is great for organisations that outsource their financial services.


Control Company Spending


Pleo lets companies capture all company spending in one platform. Pleo’s smart company cards can easily be issued to employees with individual spending limits and receipts are collected with a snap from their phone. Using Pleo’s direct feed into Xero, reconciling card expenses has never been easier.



Telleroo is your hub for making faster payments and eliminating the copy and pasting in making payments. Quickly and easily make bulk supplier and payroll payments.


Credit Control

Chaser is Xero’s leading accounts receivable app, designed for businesses selling on payment terms.

Automate invoice chasing and streamline your accounts receivable process. Get paid faster. Reduce days sales outstanding. Maintain great customer relationships.

Power BI

Management Reporting

Create a data-driven culture with business intelligence for all.

Enable everyone at every level of your organisation to make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics.

The basic Power BI desktop package is free.


Cashflow and Forecasting

Use Syft to visualize, analyze and forecast financial data for Xero. Create beautiful reports, visualize data in graphs & dashboards, create Key Performance Indicators, and build integrated forecasts.


Forecasting Software

Futrli Predict: A World First Prediction technology gives the power of a full finance team to any small business owner. This isn't just forecasting, this is running a predicted business with 5-way forecasting technology. 

Link My Books

Management Software and CRM Tool

Automatically sync your Amazon, eBay, Shopify & Etsy sales to Xero.

Link My Books will automatically fetch, all the data for a transaction directly, to generate a summary invoice which breaks down all the sales, fees and tax. Reconciling your bank statement now takes seconds rather than hours.


Cloud Payroll Software

A multi award-winning, cloud-based payroll and HR solution with a 99% customer satisfaction rating servicing over 320,000 businesses.

Brightpay integrates with Accounting Packages to send the payroll details directly to the accounts software. It also integrates with Pension Providers to submit workplace pension data.


Management Software and CRM Tool

Everything you need to manage your practice and get things done faster in one simple, flexible practice management tool.

Pixie is packed full of simple, time-saving automations – from sending out reminders and filing emails to creating task lists – our platform can do all of that and plenty more besides!


eCommerce Accounting

A2X is for ecommerce businesses. If you sell on Shopify, Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay or Etsy, A2X has you covered. Sync and automate directly into Xero.

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