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Budgeting for success: the importance of good financial management

A solid budget is the foundation for your company’s financial management and success. Here are 4 ways to stay in control of your business budgeting.


Employee Expenses - A guide to reporting expenses and benefits

An exemption regime applies for employee expenses. At BPC, we can provide guidance on the rules which, if the necessary conditions are met, result in the expenses being tax exempt and non reportable on form P11D.


Employing your spouse or civil partner

The benefits of transferring income to your spouse or civil partner.


Do’s and don’ts of timing payments and receipts for tax purposes

By timing payments or receipts carefully around the year end, companies can save money. The team at BPC can advise companies.


DIY accounting vs hiring an accountant: make the right choice for your business

DIY accounting might sound like a good economy, but investing in an accountant could be the best financial decision you make as a business owner.


Will you be paying more tax on your savings income?

Rising interest rates could have a profound impact on the tax payable on your savings income. We break down the key points and highlight the need to discuss your investment strategy and tax planning with a professional adviser.


5 common accounting mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Are you making any of these accounting mistakes? We’ve outlined the top 5 accounting pitfalls that small business owners trip over, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.


Car or van? What counts as a ‘van’ for tax purposes?

At BPC businesses often ask us about the tax implications of having a car and a van – here is a guide to the main points…


Cars for employees

An overview of how company car tax is calculated, and how to save money.


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