BPC launch partnership with Swoop funding

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BPC launch partnership with Swoop funding - helping clients find funding solutions simply, quickly, and securely.

We partner with Swoop to ensure we are able to best help you should you need any type of funding - loans, equity and grants. With Swoop we can offer simple and clear comparisons that allow you to make choices on the most appropriate financial products and services.

Swoop works with over 500 institutional and fintech lenders, so whether you need extra stock to get through an upcoming busy season, a VAT loan to help manage cashflow, want to purchase new equipment or are thinking about expanding we can identify the best financing options for you.

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You will not only find lenders who specialize in your industry, but you'll also find lenders most likely to give you an offer (and the quickest).

  • Access loans, equity, grants, savings & more
  • Over 1000 mainstream banks & alternative lending providers
  • Save on utilities, FX, broadband, insurance & more thanks to open banking
  • Match your business with tailored funding in minutes, fully supported by experienced funding professionals

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SMEs are 4 times more likely to secure funding when working with their accountant. Work with us to grow your business!

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