We specialise in helping Small Businesses

We understand the challenges you face
We can review your current situation
We can help you plan for the future
We can help you be more efficient
We can look at how to reduce your tax
We can prepare your annual accounts
We understand the challenges you face
  • Controlling your costs
  • Finding new customers
  • Managing your accounting functions
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Managing your cash flow and your level of borrowings
  • Recruiting and managing your employees
  • Keeping up to date, and investing in new technology
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We can review your current situation
Financial Health Check
A financial health check will help to improve the operation of your business.
It can cover every aspect of your financial operations, and identify areas where change may be beneficial to the business.

How profitable are you ?

We can benchmark your margins against other similar businesses.

Your pricing
We can help you to get your pricing right.

Your management systems
Are they robust ? Are you following them consistently ?
We’ll check them, and recommend any changes.

Company cars
Is it worthwhile having company cars ?
We’ll go through the figures with you.

Your accounting systems
Could they be more efficient ?
Are you getting the management information you need ?
We’ll review them ,and make any changes.
We can also install, implement and train on different accounting software packages like Sage, QuickBooks and MYOB.

Business expenses
Which areas of expenditure are you allowed to claim ?
We can make sure you are claiming as much as possible in order to reduce your corporation tax.
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We can help you plan for the future
Recording and reports
We can help you set up the right recording processes for the future, with reports on each part of the business - to keep you on track, and help you run your business effectively.

Management accounting models
We’ll help you with your management accounting models over 5 to 10 years.
We’ll go through these stages...
  •  Review your turnover in the past, and your projections for the future
  •  Review your costs, past and future
  •  Review your cash flow
  •  Look at the effects of improvements
  •  Do a sensitivity analysis
  •  Prepare a report

Borrowing from the bank
Do you need money to develop or expand the business ?
We’ll help you to produce a business plan and cash flow forecasts for your bank


What reports do you require to run your business effectively? We can help you produce cash flows, management accounts and other detailed reports that are required by the banks or other third parties.

Selling your business
Are you planning to sell your business?
You need to prepare carefully for this – sometimes years ahead.
Other members of your family may need to be involved.
We’ll help you plan ahead to get the best price, and also to make your tax bill as low as we possibly can.
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We can help you be more efficient
Setting up your systems
We work with all the popular accountancy packages, including Sage and Quickbooks.
We can give you advice on your accounting systems, help to set them up for you, and tailor them to your needs. We’ll set them up to gather all the information during the year in the easiest way possible
  • To make it easier for you to manage during the year
  •  And to reduce the accounting time and costs at the end of the year
Training your staff
We can train your bookkeeper or other staff on how to operate the system.
And if you ever need any help or have any questions, we can even log into your computers remotely, so as to show you what to do while you watch.

If you do not have a bookkeeper, then we can do your bookkeeping on your behalf. This can include
every aspect...
  • Processing the sales and purchase transactions
  • Setting up budgets
  • Creating monthly accounts
  • Giving you monthly reports
  • Handling the payroll
  • Making VAT returns
  • Paying your suppliers
  • Invoicing and credit control
  • Doing bank reconciliations
Management accounts
Do you know how profitable your businesses is?
Have you got a handle on your cash flow?
We can help you produce monthly management accounts, which will give you all the information you need to run your business effectively.

Is the monthly payroll a time-consuming operation for your business?
Our payroll bureau can take this weight off your shoulders, providing you with pay slips and monthlysummaries in a timely and cost effective manner.
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We can look at how to reduce your tax
Tax effective extraction of profits
We know you want to pay the minimum tax, and we’ll make sure you do.
We can help you look at many tax efficient profit extraction methods that will all be approved by the Inland Revenue.

Capital allowances
Are you purchasing capital equipment or undertaking a building development? Consult us before you do this and we can make sure that your purchases and building methods will ensure the maximum capital allowances available for your company.
Do you know that energy efficient building products and equipment will attract higher capital allowances?
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We can prepare your annual accounts
Whether you are a partnership, a sole trader or a Limited Company, we can prepare your accounts in the statutory format.

Business tax
The adjustments that are required to calculate the amount of business tax or corporation tax due can be complex. We can prepare these, reviewing your business to make sure that you are paying the correct amount of tax.

Your VAT returns
Which VAT scheme will suit your business best ? The regulations are complex. We can advise you, and review or prepare your quarterly VAT returns.

Personal tax returns
All higher rate taxpayers, traders and company directors need to prepare personal tax returns. We can make sure that your self-assessment reflects the correct information, all the relevant claims have been made and the correct amount of tax is paid to the revenue in a timely manner. We prepare these on revenue approved software, and returns are filed electronically.
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