We specialise in helping Preparatory and Public Schools

We provide business advice and a full audit, tax and accounting service, helping Bursars and Governors to manage and plan their finances, to keep their costs under control, and to generate funds for re-investing.

We have extensive experience of working with schools - including schools that are Private Companies, or Charities, or both (a charity with a trading company) - and we can provide a high level of support.

We understand the challenges you face
We can review your current situation
We can help you plan for the future
We can help you to be more efficient
We can manage your accounts
We can help your governors
We understand the challenges you face
The management challenges in every type of fee-paying school are often similar...
  • Controlling staff costs
  • Maintaining pupil numbers
  • Managing your cash flow and your level of borrowings
  • Reducing your costs
  • Maintaining your buildings
  • Keeping up to date, and planning your investment in new technology
  • Providing more sports facilities
  • Fee levels and debtors
  • Planning for the future
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We can review your current situation
Financial Health Check
A financial health check will help to improve the operation of your school and to protect your governors.
It can cover every aspect of your financial operations, and identify areas where change may be beneficial
to the school.

Your charity status
Is it under threat ?
How can you maintain it ?
How can you demonstrate that you are operating for the public benefit ?
We’ll help you

Your commercial activities
Are you letting out your buildings in the holidays ?
It may be beneficial for you to form a trading company.
We’ll discuss this with you.

New buildings
Are you planning new buildings, or refurbishing existing ones ?
There are complex VAT regulations.
We will manage this for you so as to minimise your tax liability.

Cost reductions
We’ll help you to see where you can reduce your costs. For example...
Control of costs of purchasing of food and utilities, by fully using your buying power
Control of costs of waste disposal

Numbers of staff
How many staff can you afford to employ ?
And when do you have to say no ?
We’ll help you decide

Your annual cash flow
How should you handle your annual cash flow, with its surpluses and deficits ?
We’ll help you

Your management systems

Are they robust ?
Are you following them consistently ?
We’ll check them, and recommend any changes
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We can help you plan for the future
Management accounting models
We’ll help you with your management accounting models over 5 to 10 years.
We’ll go through these stages...
  • Review your pupil numbers in the past, and your projections for the future
  • Review your costs, past and future
  • Review your cash flow
  • Look at the effects of improvements
  • Do a sensitivity analysis
  • Prepare a report
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We can help you to be more efficient
Setting up your systems
We work with all the popular accountancy packages, including Sage and Quickbooks.
We can give you advice on your accounting systems, help to set them up for you, and tailor them to your needs.
We’ll set them up to gather all the information during the year in the easiest way possible
To make it easier for you to manage during the year
And to reduce the accounting time and costs at the end of the year

Training your staff
  • We can train your bookkeeper or other staff on how to operate the system.
  • And if you ever need any help or have any questions, we can even log into your computers remotely, so as to show you what to do while you watch.
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We can manage your accounts
Your Annual Report and Accounts
We will prepare your annual accounts, and help you write your Trustees Report, so that your legal
responsibilities are fulfilled.

You have to make Annual Returns to the Charities Commission, and also to Companies House.
You may also have to report to the Financial Services Authority.
And charitable companies also need to make a Corporation Tax Return.

SORP (Statement of Recommended Practice) includes special rules for the way that charities have to
We’ll make sure you fulfil them.
For example, charities have to produce a Statement of Financial Activity instead of a Profit and Loss.

Your VAT
The law on VAT involving charities is very complex.
For example, restricted and non-restricted funds have different VAT treatment.
We can help you to reclaim as much VAT as possible.
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We can help your governors
Your governors have the ultimate responsibility for the good governance of the school.
It’s important that they always have the right information, and are able to be as effective as possible in making the right decisions.
We’ll make the financial reporting easy for them to understand, helping them to take action on any important issues.


We can give seminars to Governors, to help them to understand their financial responsibilities and how to
fulfil them.

And while we are preparing your annual accounts, we will write a Letter of Comment to the governors,
including recommendations on how to improve the financial operation of the school.
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