We specialise in helping the Hospitality Industry

We provide business advice and a full range of accounting services to owner managed family
businesses – including Hotels, Guest Houses, Pubs, and Bed and Breakfasts - helping them to run
the business efficiently.

We understand the financial management challenges that you face
We can review your current situation
We can help you plan for the future
We understand the financial management challenges that you face
The management challenges in every type of hospitality business are often similar...
  • Managing your cash flow
  • Maintaining budgetary controls
  • Managing your accounts
  • Employing staff
  • Handling the payroll
  • Employment issues, in every part of the business
(including catering, cleaning, room service, reception, marketing)
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We can review your current situation
Financial Health Check
A financial health check will help to improve the operation of your business.
It can cover every aspect of your financial operations, and identify areas where change may be beneficial.

Departmental analysis
Where you are making money ? And where are you losing it ?
What are your margins in each part of the business ? Wet sales Dry sales Food Rooms Functions
Do you know how your business really works ? Or how it could be improved ?
We’ll help you find out

Casual and agency staff
What are your total employment costs? Are they too high ?
Do all your casual staff go through the payroll ?
They must – otherwise you have no control of your costs.

Credit card sales accounting
Are you keeping control, and recording your sales properly ?

How profitable are you ?

We can benchmark your margins against other similar businesses.

Your management systems
Are they robust ? Are you following them consistently ?
We’ll check them, and recommend any changes

Your pricing
We can help you to get your pricing right.

Your stocktaking
You need to take stock regularly – to confirm your sales, and for security.
Are you doing it correctly ?

Staff accommodation

Do you provide accommodation to any of your staff ?
This may be treated as a benefit in kind, which needs to be resolved through their PAYE
We can help with this

Average room costs
We’ll help to analyse your average occupancy and your average room costs, to see where you’re making (or losing) money.
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We can help you plan for the future
Recording and reports
We can help you set up the right recording processes for the future, with reports on each part of the
business - to keep you on track, and help you run your business effectively

Management accounting models
We’ll help you with your management accounting models over 5 to 10 years.
We’ll go through these stages...
  • Review your turnover in the past, and your projections for the future
  • Review your costs, past and future
  • Review your cash flow
  • Look at the effects of improvements
  • Do a sensitivity analysis
  • Prepare a report

Borrowing from the bank
Do you need money to develop or expand the business ?
We’ll help you to produce a business plan and cash flow forecasts for your bank

Selling your business
Are you planning to sell your business?
You need to prepare carefully for this – sometimes years ahead.
Other members of your family may need to be involved.
We’ll help you plan ahead to get the best price, and also to reduce your tax bill as low as we possibly can.
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