We encourage clients who want to produce efficient monthly/quarterly management accounts to use computer accounting software, as this will enable them to extract good relevant information efficiently and regularly and use the many facilities that software provides as a management tool.

We can receive the monthly information on line or backed up on to the secure user area, check it, adjust it, produce accounts and return it by e-mail. This means that our clients do not have to spend time visiting us, money on postage, or use paper by sending photocopied detail.

We can also produce management accounts from any other source documentation and can arrange a regular set of meetings to discuss these figures.

It is often the requirement of the Banks that they see regular cash flow forecasts. Using the Sage Financial Forecasting software we are able to help the client set themselves budgets and targets at the beginning of the year and then update these regularly with actual figures. This enables cash flow and monthly profitability to be monitored effectively. The bank can then have a good degree of comfort and on many occasions this can make the difference to the approval of additional funding requirements A busy successful business requires useful, timely management information in order to have the tools for efficient decision making. Our proactive approach means that we report on areas which need attention.

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