We can provide a full company secretarial service helping you with all aspects of Companies House statutory requirements.

Our services will include the following:

Preparation of Annual Return
This includes payment to Companies House of on line filing fee of £15 (If the return is not filed on line the Companies House Fee is £30).

Acting as the Company’s Registered Office

This includes receiving and dealing with all correspondence addressed to the Registered office.

Routine Annual Company Secretarial Service

  •  Maintaining statutory Registers
  •  Maintaining statutory Minutes. (including preparation of dividend vouchers)
  •  General Meetings and minutes.
  •  Filing all necessary accounts, forms, returns and resolutions on the public record at Company’s House.

Additional Services
  • Advising on the appropriate legal procedures to change the officers of the company, change shareholdings and classes of shares, amend the accounting reference date, etc.
  • Advising of directors’ responsibilities.
  • Dissolving the company.
  • Other company secretarial services